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Man faces DWI and other charges for Hoboken accident

Car accidents can be traumatic for everyone involved. In instances where a collision may have been avoided, it is often easier to identify with the victim than the individual accused of causing the accident. Though, defendants in alcohol-related accidents can be considered victims as well. Not only are alleged offenders forced to deal with the outcome of their poor judgment but they must also contend with the consequences for years after. One young man may be struggling with these very issues since he was accused of multiple DWI-related offenses for his alleged involvement in a recent car accident.

The man identified as the defendant in the case is accused of colliding with another car after ignoring a stop sign. Luckily, no one was apparently injured in the accident that happened very early one Sunday morning. 

While the alleged victim in the accident contends that the defendant is at fault, the defendant admitted to responding law enforcement that he was unsure of what happened exactly. He also informed law enforcement that he had only consumed two beers while visiting a relative that night.

According to the results of two tests, the defendant’s blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. He is accused of automobile-related assault and driving while intoxicated. The defendant was also summoned for reckless driving.

It is not known if this is the defendant’s first offense or whether other factors could have contributed to the accident. Given that the young man claims that he hadn’t been drinking excessively prior to the accident, the results of the sobriety tests may not be conclusive. Obtaining sound legal advice and representation can help to ensure that all scenarios are properly investigated and the defendant’s rights are protected.

Source: nj.com, “Union man involved in 2-car crash in Hoboken charged with DWI: police,” Charles Hack, April 23, 2013

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